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Quad bike safety

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It could be a wash-out on the track after last night’s storm, lower tyre pressure on the left-hand side, an incorrectly packed load or unexpected vermin homes – like a rabbit hole. So even though you feel like today’s routine is the same as yesterday, some things may be out of your control.

In the examples above, your quad bike can tip or roll over even at the slowest of speeds, leaving you at risk of being trapped under the vehicle. For many this has led to tragic deaths from being crushed or from asphyxiation.
There are steps you can take to make your quad bike rides safer, such as wearing a helmet, appropriate loading, not taking passengers and performing regular maintenance checks.

There’s also the Victorian Government’s safety rebate, which offers $600 towards installing an operator protective device (OPD) or $1200 towards the purchase of an alternative vehicle, such as a side-by-side.

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