Australian cherry industry statistics

At a glance:

  • 485 cherry enterprises
  • 2,845 hectares of cherry growing area
  • 18,584 tonnes of cherry production (for year ending June 2016)
  • $164m of Australian cherry sales (for year ending June 2016)
  • $76m of Australian cherry exports (for year ending June 2016).
  • 70% domestic consumption (for year ending June 2016)
  • 30+ Australian Cherry export market destinations.

Australia produces some of the world's finest cherries.

Growing international demand is driving national cherry production expansion, with new investment within the Australian Cherry Industry from both local and overseas stakeholders.

Increasing national consumption is a core objective – both nationally and abroad – led by market research, marketing and promotion. This coupled with a strong export focus and ongoing research to support increased production and improved market access, the Australian Cherry Industry is well placed to meet the growing demand for Australian cherries both domestically and internationally.

Across Australia, cherry growing regions span a variety of climatic zones, with over 30 cherry varieties under production. From smaller boutique cherry growing enterprises in Western Australia and Queensland to larger suppliers in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania exporting across the globe – the Australian Cherry industry supports and nurtures operations of all shapes and sizes.

Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2017-18

Harvest to Home domestic consumption trends 2019-20

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