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 Best Agriculture Apps for 2021 (updated)

Your SMART farm library

"A new 'Which app for Horticulture' ebook is being launched by SuniTAFE's SMART Farm. It showcases over 60 apps available for producers.  With an increasing number of producers adopting smart device technology, finding apps can prove very difficult. We live in a world where its common place to be connected to people, and now being connected to our farms and properties is no different. To that end, there’s an app(lication) for everything today, and for many horticultural operations, this is no different. 

Apps for horticulture have been evolving over the past few years in line with the emergence of agtech start-ups with a common goal to assist growers with their daily operations. Apps allow growers (and advisors) the ease of being able to make management decisions or to collect data using their smart devices (phone or tablet). 

To help navigate this digital book, subsections have been created under the following themes; production, pest and disease, irrigation, weather and crop specific apps and more" (from SuniTAFE). Download the brochure here.


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