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Introducing Australia’s Cherry Industry

Bursting with flavour and goodness, Australian cherries signify the taste of summer like no other fruit. More than 20,000 tonnes of Australia’s premium cherries are picked, packed and sold each season.

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Australian cherry exports

Currently, up to 30% of Australian Cherries are exported to more than 30 countries in a highly competitive international market.

Asian market destinations, such as Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan receive the majority of Australian exports. Emerging and potential export markets include the United States and the Middle East.

Cherry Growers Australia (CGA) takes a leadership role in exploring and negotiating important export markets, market access and market maintenance for Australian Cherries.

Efforts are focused on opening and reopening core export markets, improving trade relations, overcoming trade barriers and exploring more commercially viable export options.

Exporting cherries is a specialised market requiring attention and detail to cultural sensitivities, biosecurity, packaging, market access and entry and transportation.

The type and variety of cherry exported is determined by market access and cultural tendencies accounting for preferences in taste, colour and flavour.

Where are cherries grown?

Cherry growing regions around Australia


When are cherries available?

The different cherry varieties grown in Australia display unique characteristics that reflect our various regional climates, rainfall and soils. These climate differences mean production can be staggered, providing a longer period of supply.

Australian exports of cherries are highly sought after across the globe but even more so in Asia. Our dedicated cherry growers put their customers first and our cherries are picked, packed and delivered to Asian markets within 72 hours.

Harvest windows


Australian Cherries - Safe and Trusted

The Australian horticultural industry’s food safety and environmental standards are amongst the highest in the world.

•  Export credentials are administered by the Australian Government
•  Food Safety Standards are strictly applied to retail, wholesale, exporting and processing facilities
•  National biosecurity programs facilitated by Plant Health Australia

 Australian cherries - Safe and Trusted


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Cherry Export Pathways from Australia

Import conditions can be found on the MICoR website (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry)

Cherry Export Pathways from Australia - brief

Cherry Export Pathways from Australia


Exports to China (Chinese with English subtitles)

Cherries to China video