Pests and disease

For fruit growers, disease and pests are a constant threat to crop livelihood with significant impact on cherry productivity and volume.

Cherry growers who remain abreast and on top of disease management using proven prevention measures are best positioned to reap the rewards of a more bountiful harvest.

Widespread implementation of industry best practice has made significant inroads into cherry fruit management with factors such as climate, humidity, biosecurity and pests having the ability to either flourish or cripple cherry orchards.

There is no easy or quick fix solution.

The most effective measures stem from collective research and solutions that reach beyond individual orchards and deliver biosecurity protection and pest resistance for regions and sectors.

The Australian Cherry industry advocates the use of an Integrated Pest Management (IPDM) to the control and management of pests and diseases involving a range of approaches such as monitoring, cultural, biological and chemical control measures.

Make sure you are doing your bit to help protect the Australian Cherry industry from impacting disease and pests.

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