Export and trade

Currently, 20% of Australian Cherries are exported to more than 20 countries in a highly competitive international market.

Major export countries include Hong Kong, Taiwan, South East Asia, the Middle East, United Kingdom and Europe. Emerging and potential export markets include China and Thailand.

Cherry Growers Australia (CGA) takes a leadership role in exploring and negotiating important export markets, market access and market maintenance for Australian Cherries.

Efforts are focused on opening and reopening core export markets, improving trade relations, overcoming trade barriers and exploring more commercially viable export options.

Exporting cherries is a specialised market requiring attention and detail to cultural sensitivities, biosecurity, packaging, market access and entry and transportation.

The type and variety of cherry exported is determined by market access and cultural tendencies accounting for preferences in taste, colour and flavor.

To explore potential export avenues for your cherry growing business contact your State Association.


Fruit Fly and Systems Approaches Workshop 

The Australian Cherry Industry has invested in a number of projects aimed at supporting and furthering domestic and international trade through its levies, research funding and the new PASE program. Presentations from the workshop can be found here: