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Changes to air cargo security

The Australian Government is implementing security measures to strengthen Australia’s international outbound air cargo security in response to evolving threats.

The initiatives include piece-level examination for all outbound international cargo from 1 March 2019. All outbound international air cargo, regardless of destination, must:

  • Be examined by a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) in accordance with an Enhanced Air Cargo Examination (EACE) notice; or
  • Originate from a Known Consignor.

More information can be found on the Home Affairs website.

To help businesses comply with the new requirements, Australian Border Force has set up the Trusted Trader Program.  The Trusted Trader Program is designed to help businesses become Known Consignors, thereby reducing red tape, improving certainty in export markets, expediting the flow of their cargo in and out of Australia and saving your business time and money.

Australian cherry exports

Currently, 30% of Australian Cherries are exported to more than 30 countries in a highly competitive international market.

Asian market destinations, such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan receive the majority of Australian exports. Emerging and potential export markets include the United States and the Middle East.

Cherry Growers Australia (CGA) takes a leadership role in exploring and negotiating important export markets, market access and market maintenance for Australian Cherries.

Efforts are focused on opening and reopening core export markets, improving trade relations, overcoming trade barriers and exploring more commercially viable export options.

Exporting cherries is a specialised market requiring attention and detail to cultural sensitivities, biosecurity, packaging, market access and entry and transportation.

The type and variety of cherry exported is determined by market access and cultural tendencies accounting for preferences in taste, colour and flavour.

 When are cherries available?

Harvest windows around Australia

Where are cherries grown?

Cherry growing regions around Australia

Exports to China (Chinese with English subtitles)

Cherries to China video

Import conditions by country

Import conditions can be found on the MICoR website (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources)

Export manual 

CGA's comprehensive export manual clearly explains export market requirements to over 20 countries.

For access, contact CGA.

Export inquiries

Please fill out this form and email to

Cherry export pathway matrix (from Australia)

 Matrix of export pathways to destination

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