• Slide - Cherries on tree
    Slide - Cherries on tree
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    Slide - Cherry blossom
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    Slide - Cherry sorting
  • Slide - Cherry tree buds
    Slide - Cherry tree buds
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    Slide - Dormant cherry trees
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    Slide - Orchard in blossom
  • Slide - Prize winning cherries
    Slide - Prize winning cherries
  • Slide - cherries on tree
    Slide - cherries on tree
  • Slide - Pruning cherry trees
    Slide - Pruning cherry trees

Latest news

CGA secures major pilot project on traceability

Media release 
28 September 2022

Cherry Growers Australia has secured a major innovative project to strengthen traceability for cherry exports high-value markets.

Cherry Growers Australia (CGA) and Agriculture Victoria will partner to lead an innovative cherry supply chain traceability pilot for on-farm traceability and high-value export markets.  The project is funded through Agriculture Victoria from its Transforming Traceability program.

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New MRL and WHP app OUT NOW

MRL and WHP information can be found on the newly launched app, "AusCherrySure". The app, funded by Agricutlure Victoria is available from iTunes or Google Play.

If you have already installed the app, please uninstall and reinstall to get the latest updates. Read more

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2022 Cherry strategic agricultural review OUT NOW

A Strategic Agrichemical Review Process (SARP), through the process of a desktop audit and industry liaison;

(i) Assesses the importance of the diseases, insects and weeds (plant pests) that can affect a horticultural industry;
(ii) Evaluates the availability and effectiveness of fungicides, insecticides and herbicides (pesticides) to control the plant pests;
(iii) Determines any gaps in the pest control strategy and
(iv) Identifies suitable new or alternatives pesticides to address the gaps

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TIA Cherry research update

TIA researcher Cameron Stone is nearing completion of his PhD and has summarised some of his findings in 2 new factsheets.

Cam explains how different protected cropping structures create unique microclimates for cherry production and how this impacts fruit quality.  In the second factsheet, Cam compares five different cherry training systems, their ability to intercept light and how this affects fruit yield and quality. 

Chat with Cameron about the practical aspects of his research at the Serve-Ag Cherry Field day in August

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Cherish the moment

Australian cherry industry brochure

CGA Brochure Small Cover

Australian Cherries are produced in six states, with New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania being the three largest producers and South Australia the fourth largest producer. These four states have a strong export focus. Read more in our brochure.

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Download brochure – Korean

Our Associate Members for 2021-22

Platinum sponsors: Glama Pak and Visy have been a great supporters of the Australian cherry industry for many years and as the industry continues to expand, they will continue to provide customers with the innovative, protective and eye-catching packaging, meeting the needs of both domestic and international markets.

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