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Cherry Growers Australia and Agriculture Victoria Forge Ahead with Year 2 of the Innovative Cherries Traceability Pilot

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26th September 2023

CGA Continues to pave the way with Innovative Traceability Advancements for Cherry Exports and High-Value Markets

Cherry Growers Australia (CGA), in collaboration with Agriculture Victoria, proudly announces the continuation of the Cherries Traceability Pilot into its second year. This visionary initiative, funded by a $811,000 grant from Agriculture Victoria's Transforming Traceability program, remains steadfast in its mission to redefine traceability within the cherry industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence.

The CGA-led pilot commenced in June 2022 and is set to span two cherry harvest seasons, concluding in April 2024. With an unparalleled commitment to innovation, the project has swiftly garnered recognition and support, underscoring its significance in shaping the future of the Australian cherry industry.

As Nick Noske, Acting President of Cherry Growers Australia, affirms, "Traceability remains pivotal to enhancing the competitiveness of our cherries in international markets. It will reinforce the provenance, authenticity, and safety of our products. The insights gained through this initiative continue to serve as a foundation of integrity for our industry, empowering us to navigate both local and global challenges."

Marcel Sieira, Chief Operating Officer for GS1 Australia, expresses the organisation’s satisfaction in the enduring support for GS1 Standards. Standards-based traceability systems not only improve the quality and efficacy of our domestic supply chains but align Australian industry with international requirements, while also supporting sustainability and circularity outcomes. Our cherry industry stands poised to embrace these market opportunities under the expert guidance and support of Cherry Growers Australia."

Year 1 of the project witnessed the successful implementation of on-farm traceability through RFID technology. In Year 2, the scope widens as CherryHill Orchards, an esteemed Australian producer and exporter, pilots producer-to-customer traceability. Harnessing GS1 Digital Link-enabled QR codes, export traceability gains new dimensions, bolstering the confidence of customers and stakeholders across the supply chain.

Paul Ryan, CEO of Trust Codes says “As we continue our collaboration in Year 2 of this ground breaking project, Trust Codes is excited to provide advanced tracking technology, enhancing export traceability with unique GS1 Digital Link-enabled QR codes. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to transparency, ensuring consumers have access to vital information about the journey of their cherries from origin to table. Together, we're setting new standards for trust and accountability in the supply chain." 

Stephen Riseborough, Director, CherryHill Orchards, reflects on the importance of traceability technology: "Cherries are the most anticipated and highly sought-after seasonal fruit here in Australia and in our valued export markets. Enabling traceability technology provides invaluable benefit through risk management and product assurance. It ensures that our cherries can be precisely traced back to their exact point of origin, demonstrating that they are indeed clean, safe, and reputable products.

Through traceability technology, consumers can trust that they are receiving the value and quality of Australian cherries, without the risk of food fraud 'lookalike' cherries from a competitor country. We are dedicated to protecting against food fraud, brand fraud, and any potential risks to people's health from potentially unsafe fake branded products.

Traceability technology, when well-developed and implemented across the food and produce industries, plays a pivotal role in growing and safeguarding the reputation of our region and the broader 'Brand Australia.' CherryHill is excited to continue our involvement in the traceability pilot and contribute to our future regional success story."

Andrew Coyne, Dynamics ERP Project Manager at NCS Australia, explains, "NCS Australia and CherryHill are joining forces for phase 2 of a ground breaking multi-year project aimed at revolutionising consumer traceability in the produce industry."

Gideon Naude, Dialog Information Technology, adds, “Leveraging cutting-edge Microsoft technology, RFID scanning, and GS1 Digital Linking, this initiative will provide consumers with unprecedented transparency into the origins and journey of their fresh produce, setting a new standard for trust and accountability in the supply chain.”

Kevin Cohen from Ramp RFID enthuses, "We're passionate about using RFID technology to make a meaningful impact. Unlike traditional paper-based systems, our RFID solutions provide a complete story for each cherry from orchard to table. This not only empowers growers with the data they need for informed decision-making but also instils confidence in customers. Now, everyone can trust the quality and provenance of the cherries they enjoy."

In this journey, CGA partners closely with Agriculture Victoria. The State organisation’s contribution spanning funding, project management, regulatory support, and communication underscores the shared commitment to shaping Victoria's agriculture landscape through innovation and collaboration.

Katherine Clift, Executive Director Biosecurity Victoria at Agriculture Victoria, responds, ‘We’re proud to continue our partnership with Cherry Growers Australia in the Cherries Traceability Pilot, setting new industry standards and enhancing the competitiveness of Victorian cherries in global markets. Agriculture Victoria remains committed to supporting innovations that contribute to the growth and sustainability of our cherry industry.’

As the project forges ahead into Year 2, new milestones and partnerships await, including insights from Trust Codes, who specialise in enhancing product traceability and consumer insights through innovative tracking technology.

With anticipation and dedication, Cherry Growers Australia, Agriculture Victoria and their esteemed partners step boldly into the future of cherries traceability. The ongoing support of the Victorian Government's Transforming Traceability program remains the driving force behind this transformative endeavour.

For more information and updates on the Cherries Traceability Pilot, please visit the official Cherry Growers Australia website 


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