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Delivering consistent export quality… are you nailing it?

Workshop at the Novotel Hotel, 200 Creek Street, Brisbane, Australia on 9 October 2019.

Australian horticulture fresh produce has an international reputation for “clean and green”. However, other exporting countries are improving their “clean, green” image, and often have the competitive advantage of lower production costs. To maintain our international consumer demand we could embrace competitive advantages such as delivering “consistently safe and fresh” produce with strong supply chain service and support.

Recent advances in the ‘Internet of Things’ along with, for example, improving real-time monitoring technologies, launches of start-ups offering temperature monitoring services, improving air- and sea-freight temperature-related services, and prediction of fresh produce quality on arrival at the importer offer exciting prospects to optimise our supply chains by coupling cost effective monitoring with decision aid support tools.

The opportunity:

We are holding a one day workshop providing insights into how leading edge technology can improve fruit and vegetable supply chains to deliver consistent predictable quality through chain intermediaries to our customers. The workshop will help you to:

  • Better understand the conditions your fresh produce is exposed to after leaving the farm
  • Identify practices that might be reducing the quality and value of your produce after harvest
  • Decide how best to handle your consignment when it arrives at the importer to maximise returns
  • Reduce claims
  • Increase cooperation and trust between you the freight forwarder and the importer.

International perspective:

The Dutch floriculture industry realises that freshness and shelf life are now critical quality attributes that could help them remain competitive in the face of increasing supply of lower priced produce from other countries. They are progressing the concept of “quality-driven logistics”. Hear more about this at the Workshop.

Australian exporters insights:

We aim to have at the workshop exporters from at least six commodity groups such as stonefruit, citrus, table grapes, mangoes, vegetables and avocadoes. We also hope to include disinfestation and freight forwarder service providers. Gain insights from your colleagues and help identify mutual opportunities and challenges that could be progressed / investigated as collaborative initiatives. These could include issues such as reducing the time in the seafreight container, better integrating disinfestation treatments into the cold chain or delays and holding conditions during customs clearance in the importing country.

Domestic and export fresh:

The insights will help both your domestic and export chains.

What this workshop is NOT

  • It is not a marketing workshop
  • It is not aimed at trying to encourage exporters to partner in their export efforts
  • It is not about market access disinfestation protocol development, but it can include how to integrate the approved protocols into the export supply chain without reducing product quality.


Participation in the workshop is free. Morning and afternoon tea, and lunch is provided.

RSVP by 2nd September. Places are limited so be quick.

Contact the following for more information and to register:

Peter Hofman
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Qld)
Mobile: 0407 173 608

Dario Stefanelli
Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (Victoria)
Mobile: 0417 124 831

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