COVID-19 Worksafe Victoria

Safety on farms with temporary workers

With harvesting season approaching, farmers will soon be responsible for the health and safety of teams of people harvesting their crops.  Some of those workers will be unfamiliar with the farms they are working on or how to work safely on the farm.  Many of those workers will be working with or in the same area as tractors and other vehicles putting them at risk of being hit or run over.  Many of those workers will be doing repetitive work which creates risks for musculoskeletal injuries including work that involves bending, lifting or working above their heads.  And with COVID-19 circulating in the community, it is important that farmers don’t bring infections onto their farms and that their workers are not exposed to COVID-19 in the course of their work.  Now is a good time to be preparing for staying safe and keeping the workers on farm safe during harvest before it gets very busy.

Here are some links to some information that farmers and workers may find useful.  Please feel free to forward these on through your networks.