Cherry Growers Association of SA Inc (CGASA)


CGSA is an incorporated association representing the South Australian Cherry Industry. The Association is affiliated with a range of other industry groups including the Apple and Pear Growers Association of South Australia Inc and the Cherry Growers of Australia Inc.

The major objective of the CGASA is "to promote, foster and protect the South Australian Cherry Industry and to establish a closer bond of unity and co-operation amongst all persons engaged therein."


Andrew Flavell

Vice President

Ian Greene


Simon Cornish

Committee Members

  • Glyndon Flavell
  • Kym Green
  • Ian Sparnon
  • Grant Wotton
  • David Leonard
  • Malcolm Parker
  • John Caldicott
  • Serena Flavell (CGSA Secretary)

National Representation

  • CGA Board: Grant Wotton, Ian Sparnon
  • IAC: Ian Sparnon, Kym Green
  • Marketing Committee: Glyndon Flavell
  • R & D Committee: Ian Sparnon, Kym Green

Logo - Cherry Growers Association of SA Inc