Seasonal outlook 2019

Seasonal outlook: Chill accumulation, temperature and rainfall for selected cherry growing regions in Australia up until 29 July, 2019

The following data was obtained from the Queensland Government chill calculator. To find other locations, head to HortScience calculator

New South Wales - Orange

Orange chill hours

Orange chill portions

Orange temperature and rainfall

New South Wales - Young

Young chill hours

Young chill portions


Young termperature and rainfall

South Australia - Lenswood

Lenswood chill hours

Lenswood chill portions

Lenswood temperature and rainfall

Victoria - Coldstream

Coldstream chill hour accumulation

coldstream chill portion accumulation



Coldstream temperature and rainfal

Victoria - Tatura

Tatura chill hours

Tatura chill portions

Tatura temperature and rainfall

Grove, Tasmania

Grove chill hour accumuation

Grove chill portion accumuation

 Grove temperature and rainfal