Market statistics

  • Up to 15,500 tonne of cherries per annum.
  • 485 cherry enterprises.
  • 2,845 hectares of cherry growing area.
  • $120m of Australian cherry sales annually.
  • 80% domestic consumption
  • 20+ Australian Cherry export countries.

Australia is an emerging international competitor in the production and exporting of cherries globally.

Domestic consumption currently dominates at 80% of national production with strong ambitions to raise the exporting power of Australian Cherries and evenly split the export to domestic ratio.

Predominantly known as a smaller niche industry with Australia’s agricultural sector, the Australian Cherry industry has witnessed rapid expansion with its strong export focus.

Increasing national consumption is a core objective – both nationally and abroad – led by ongoing market research, marketing and promotion.

Growing international demand is driving national cherry production expansion with forecasts to produce more than 16,000 tonnes with an aim to export half of this volume by 2015. See Australian Cherry Industry Information.

From smaller boutique cherry growing enterprises in Western Australia and Queensland to larger suppliers in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania exporting across the globe – the Australian Cherry industry supports and nurtures operations of all shapes and sizes.