2021 Production webinars

23 June 2021, 9.30am - 1.30pm


9.00  Welcome - Tom Eastlake, CGA

9.35  Orchard View Cherries: A case study on regenerative farming practices - Mike Omeg, Orchard View Cherries

10.35 Production forecasting - Mike Omeg, Orchard View Cherries

11.05 Industry discussion

11.15  Tea break

11.25 Agrifutures - space based tech in horticulture e.g. predictions and yield, water management, crop health - Jennifer Medway, Agrifutures

11.55  Regional Grower spotlight – state members/associations compare and contrast their views on the nation wide issues impacting the cherry industry - Susie Green, CGSA; Stuart Coupland, NSWCGA; Michael Tarbath, FGT, Michael Rouget, Koala Cherries

12.55 Systems approach national ICA for domestic trade – Rieks Van Klinken & Jane Mueller, CSIRO.

1.25   Discussion on systems approaches

1.35   Finish

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 24 June 2021, 9.30am to 1.30pm


  9.30   Welcome and housekeeping - Tom Eastlake
  9.35   Future Orchards - Prof Matt Whiting, Washington State University
10.35  Cherry mentor & marketing program (2020-21), NorthWest cherry marketing & Australian opportunities
11.05  Tea break
11.20  Supply chain disruption and marketing opportunities - Shane Styles, Export Council of Australia
12.00  Bee management – Jeff Mathsen, Snowgum honeybees
12.30  Climatic suitability for cherry growing (NSW & Vic) - Jess Fearnley NSW DPI
12.45  Growing blush (white) cherries – Steve Chapman, Chappies
1.00    Biological control of Queensland fruit fly – Paul Cunningham, Agribio
1.30    Finish

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These production webinars are funded by Hort Innovation

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Dormant orchard large trees


Photo Andrea Magiafoglou

Slide - Cherry sorting

Photo Emma McGlashan

Man on tractor in cherry orchard

Photo Charlotte Brunt